iPhone - manuell inställning IMAP mappar vid problem

On your iphone go to settings.

Choose “e-mail, contacts, calanders”

Choose your e-mail account you have setup.

Choose the e-mail address.


At the bottom choose Advanced.

Now you can see the different folders you can sync with the server.



Drafts (Swedish: Utkast)

Now you can see where on your iphone it’s stored and where on the server.

If you have issues/problems where your iPhone complains that it can't move the e-mail or delete an e-mail etc
you can setup the folders on your iphone to sync with the server folders, so it's the same.


Drafts (Swedish: Utkast) = choose /mark ”Drafts”

Sent (Skickat) = choose/mark “Sent”

Deleted/Trash (Raderat) = choose/mark “Trash”

Archive (Arkiv) = you need to create this folder using webmail or choose Drafts to use as archive folder.


After the folder settings on you iphone it say “Flytta avfärdade epost till …"

(discarded e-mails)

Choose the “Deleted/Trash” folder for that.



If you have any issues with SSL/Certificates when receiving emails inactivate Use SSL button.

Set the port (server port) to 143


If you have any issues with SSL/Certificates when sending emails, disable "Use SSL" for the SMTP server.

It’s before the Advanced settings – you have the SMTP choice there.


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